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This week an AG Opinion:

The Back Story

When the concealed handgun license became Texas law in 1995, churches were a prohibited location. In 1997, the standardized sign language, located in PC 30.06, was passed. At that time, line (i) was added to Penal Code 46.035. Line (i), located near the end of that section of code, states that most of what you’ve read above does not apply. The prohibition doesn’t apply unless the licensee was given effective notice under PC 30.06 and later, PC 30.07.

Convoluted? Confusing? Absolutely, but in 1997, this was the best that Legislature could manage.

In 1999, an attempt was made by liberals to prohibit carry in churches. I remember my Lutheran minister testifying in the House committee about the separation of church and state.

Sensationalized concerns regarding licensed open carry caused a rash of 30.06 and 30.07 sign postings. Signs were sold in pairs.

The discussion began again as to whether churches were already off-limits or not and this time signs were posted.

Church Security Legislation

Due to strong definitions in the penal code regarding the private security industry, churches could not “organize” a security detail. Many of these churches are rural, most are very small and none are wealthy.

During the 2017 session, the security industry language was amended in law to allow for church volunteers to act as security with a few guidelines.

Both these topics were still being questioned and discussed, often by people with good intentions but without accurrate information.

The Clarification

Thanks to a request for an Attorney General Opinion by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and a prompt and favorable opinion issued by General Paxton, we have clarification.

If your church or others have questions, share the opinion. See link below:

Click Here to view KP-0176

The language for HB 421 by Rep. Rinaldi (R-Irving) dealing with and explaining church security can be found at www.tsrapac.com The bill passed as an amendment.



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